Architectural Glass
The aesthetics of glass lends an important element of individuality to every project. The custom look you create truly sets apart the outstanding design from the simply acceptable. Glass Design Concepts designs set your creative talents free to design unique combinations of patterns, textures and colors.

Glass Design Concepts looks forward to meeting the ever increasing demands of the Architectural and Design Industry. Allow us to work with your imagination.

Acid Etched Glass
Glass Design Concepts is pleased to offer a full line of textured and acid-etched products which are manufactured throughout the world and stocked in our warehouse in San Fernando Valley, California.

Acid Etched glass has become the product of choice for designers and Architects to create a unique and sophisticated look without the high cost and long production schedule of custom etched products, while at the same time offering an extremely durable product that does not need special treatment for maintenance and cleaning.

Glass Design Concepts takes extra care in procuring these products from only the cleanest and most environmentally friendly producers in the world, who meet the most stringent standards in the manufacturing and production process.

Decorative Laminated Glass
Glass Design Concepts now offers colored, translucent and Rice Paper laminated glass products to meet the ever increasing challenges of the Architectural and Design Industry. These products allow the individual to set their creative talents free to produce infinite combinations of colors, textures and patterns.