Glass Doors
When an extraordinary entrance system is the goal, GDC Tempered Glass Entrances are the way to get there. GDC offers colors, configurations and hardware options that make imagination the only limit. Patches and rails can be clad in gleaming brass, bright stainless steel, or powder coated in any color you choose. Push and pull hardware is available in hundreds of shapes and colors. Locks and closers are supplied to your specifications, and sidelite rails and glass add the final touch to perfectly accent the building design. Tell us what you need - we'll help you make your mark.

Door and sidelite rails choices allow configurations to complement the architectural design.

To maximize the glass area, patch systems are the choice. When used with the narrow sight line head and base, patches give the appearance of a floating glass wall. Regardless of whether you choose the solid look of full rail doors and sidelites or the clean an elegance of patch fittings, GDC quality and performance are standard features.

When you need doors for a specialty application, GDC has the answer. Sliding tempered glass doors can be used in malls and office buildings, or wherever refined good looks and functionality are of importance. Smooth roller operation and durability are standard for these units, as are beauty and elegance.

Finishes add a distinctive flair to a tempered glass entrance, and are an important design criteria. It is also an area where GDC excels. Standard anodized finishes are just the beginning of the selection. Cladding, in bright brass or stainless steel, can boldly accent the open, classic appeal of the all glass entrance. But GDC goes further - much further. We offer a rainbow of colors in one of the most durable finishes available - powder coating. The combination of environmental friendliness, strength and selection gives the designer unparalleled flexibility.




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